Parents Say

"At first, we tried a lower fee tutor but it wasn't quite what my daughter needed."​

"He did OK, but we needed someone more experienced."

​"The tutor hit a wall and couldn't take my child any further academically."​

"We needed quick results, and his tutor didn't seem to know how to explain it, even though he was a math major."

​“My daughter was really pleased after your session and she is looking forward to meeting with you again. She said, ‘Wow, she really could just jump right in without any context and immediately start helping me. That was great!"

"Her teaching style is non-threatening and welcoming. She is able to engage my child in learning so it's exciting. Tralee doesn't talk down to my son. She talks "to" him and not at him."


Tralee has the professional experience not only to understand how the curriculum is designed and how to teach it, but she also knows how to work with children of all ages, be patient and take away their fears. "She took the time to explain the math concepts to him and showed him how to become a better test taker. Within a few weeks, our son had gone from C and F's to A's and B's and finished the year with excellent results.

-Claudia P., Hayward, CA The Berkeley School

Tralee is a great math tutor. I am about to take the CBEST test in and I haven't worked on any type of math problems since college, so I was very out of practice. Tralee was able to reteach to me a lot of math that I had forgotten or just didn't learn the first time around. When I started, I did not feel ready for the test, but I do now! I highly recommend Tralee for a math tutor. -John, L. Modesto, CA Chapman College

Finding a one-on-one tutor who cares as much as Tralee does about each student was exactly what my daughter needed. Tralee worked with my 12-year-old daughter once a week for over a year. My daughter had been struggling in math for quite some time, and we had tried other group tutoring services. Tralee helped my daughter spend a productive additional hour each week going over homework or reviewing material that had not “sunk in” during the school week. Tralee is very flexible, and happy to try different ways of getting to a new level of understanding, and she was also happy to work with my family’s busy schedule. I would certainly recommend her to others. -S.A. Oakland, CA Head Royce School

Tralee went beyond the call of duty to research our state's school district curriculum and develop a learning plan to prepare my daughter as much as possible. With only a few sessions Tralee helped my daughter feel comfortable with the basic terms, concepts, and calculations she would need. We were thrilled when my daughter got an "A" on her first math test at the new school! -Julie Q., Berkeley, CA King Middle School

I am a 45 year old woman who needed to take the CBEST math portion and the entire CSET test. I never did really well in math so I've always had a negative response to math in general. I am so glad I found Tralee. She is professional, organized, and could assess quickly what I needed work on. She is very real and personable which helped change my view of math and she really understood how anxious I was. She gave me the tools and confidence I needed. I passed both tests the first time after working with Tralee. I am forever grateful to her for support. --Jennifer, Walnut Creek CSU Hayward

I would absolutely recommend Tralee. My son told me, "I'm not so nervous about math problems. I like math now! I understand it. Now I feel like I can think through a math questions first and figure it out." I am completely satisfied with the results of her tutoring with my son. C. J., Lafayette Stanley Middle School

Tralee helped our 16-year-old prepare for the ACTs and figured out his strengths, and weaknesses, and helped him improve in his weak areas. She also had helpful advice about taking the test tailored specifically for him and had great feedback to offer us. We'll be using her again! -Lindsay U. Mill Valley, CA Redwood High School

I just wanted to thank you for your 2-week "triage" with Ally. She left the session last night feeling more positive than she has all semester - I only wish we had found you sooner. Glad to know where to turn early and often next year, and thanks again for your incredible ability to jump right in and help Ally at a critical moment. You're a true talent.-Parent, Oakland, CA The College Preparatory School

My daughter started to feel more confident and started to do better on weekly tests. Tralee is patient and gentle but knows her subject matter is thorough. My investment in tutoring paid off well! -- Halina L., Albany CA Albany Middle School

Tralee is a really great tutor if you have a lot of trouble in math. I worked with her this summer to refresh my algebraic skills and prepare for my college Algebra 2 course in the fall. She is very personable and finds a way to incorporate things you are interested in with the math problems you are learning how to solve. Tralee made me feel comfortable enough to tell her when something didn't make sense, which she would then stop and we would put focus on that area of difficulty. I have improved my math skills to the point where I no longer dread the idea of math! Lauren W., Oregon Laney Community College