Online Tutoring

Questions & Answers about online tutoring

Q: How do you know what the student is working on?

A. Using a smartphone, the student photographs the lesson in advance and emails or texts me a copy, so I can be well-prepared. The papers may include:

1. Worksheet(s),

2. Graded quiz or exam,

3. Problem set from a book, booklet, and/or the link to the textbook,

4. A Practice Test at the end of the chapter or a worksheet, and/or

5. Class notes which confuse the student.

Q: What if we have technical difficulties with ZOOM?

A: It does happen on occasion. We can use the telephone to feed the sound, instead of the computer, or we can move over to Google Meet.

Q: How do we pay you?

A. Payment is due in advance of the session through a smartphone's app,

​Q: What if I still have questions?

A: You can email or text me. 510 654 3234 or