Tralee Johnson

Is your child struggling in math?

I help capable, yet underperforming, students who need social interaction to learn; may feel intimidated by math; feel anxious during tests; missed important topics in prior years; or whose learning style is mismatched to the instruction style. What is your student struggling with?

Great Math Tutoring with Tralee Johnson is special because:

  • I am a classroom math teacher with over 30 years of experience.

  • My teaching style is warm and enthusiastic.

  • Students learn thinking skills and self-reflection.

Math tutoring helps:

My parents regularly tell me how grateful they are to have found me, that my tutoring has made a big difference, AND how much their child enjoys coming to see me.

Creating success - one math problem at a time.

I am a math teacher.

How I help. Based on my experience teaching and tutoring over 2,000 students, I promise to do the following to help your child.

  • Evaluate skills using informal or formal assessment

  • Identify gaps in knowledge

  • Re-teach concepts

  • Assist with current assignments

  • Explain in easy-to-understand terms

  • Develop thinking skills

  • Build student's strong understanding, not just memorization

  • Customize study methods and create study aides

  • Prepare for exams and quizzes

  • Teach study skills in every appointment

  • Examine student errors on tests

  • Coach students how to avoid future errors

  • Coach fearlessness during exams

  • Follow up our session with a few HW problems

  • Keep you informed on progress towards goals

  • Communicate with teachers, at your request​

Thank you for all of your help with Vicky. She has an "A" because of you! We really appreciate all of the good work you've done with her. You have helped her relax and enjoy learning a subject that she would otherwise disregard."

- Vicky's Mother, Corte Madera, Hall Middle School